RJ Ventilation Services Pty Ltd is serious about the restrictions around the Covid-19 and we want to protect our staff and customers therefore have the following measures in place. 


  • 1. If you have been exposed to or around anyone that has a confirmed case of Corona Virus, please ensure you let the Serviceman know on arrival.  Likewise, if you are not feeling well please advise the Serviceman on arrival.  If this is the case, we will have to re-book the service. 
  • 2. Our servicemen are both currently healthy, however if they are to become unwell on the day of your service, we will contact you to reschedule.  
  • 3. We ask that where possible you have the doors open in the house where the servicemen need to gain access to bedrooms or outside. This would be any rooms that have the vents installed and the manhole. 
  • 4. Upon visiting your premises in our work vehicle before entering your house we wash our hands with anti-bacterial foam wash. 
  • 5. We have facial masks if you want us to wear a facial mask, we will ask you this question when we knock on your door. 
  • 6. We will wipe down any surfaces we touch in the house with antibacterial wipes i.e. the HRV control panel once we finish.


If these circumstances change, please contact our office on 1800 HRV 123 or to re-book your filter change. 

Alternatively, you can purchase our filters online on this website for a DIY. We ship the filters out to you and provide self-service instructions. This will mean yourself or a family member would need to change the filters, which will involve entering the roof cavity. 

From our family to yours, stay safe and best wishes from HRV.